Let’s study The Constitution of India


Shri Sanjay Singh, Director, Parivrajaka Foundation flagged a mission to invite citizens of India to study the Constitution of India by donating a book to Shri Kumud Bagh in the presence of Shri Sambray Tudu and Shri Rajaram Ingle on 16.05.2023.

Shri Rajaram Ingle, Shri Kumud Bagh, Shri Sanjay Singh, Shri Sambray Tudu

The Constitution is the fundamental law of a nation that outlines the powers and limitations of the government, and the rights and duties of citizens. It is an essential document that sets the framework for the governance of a country, and serves as a safeguard against the tyranny and abuse of power.

The knowledge of the Constitution of India will make every citizen aware of his rights and duties. It will allow him to identify opportunities to improve living standard of self and society.

In this mission, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. Purchase and study book (from any publisher of your choice) on the Constitution of India.
  2. After reading donate this to book to another individual from society, family or friends with a condition that he should read the book within 20-30 days. If he finds it worth retaining, he can keep it in his personal collection and buy another copy and return. If not, he can return the same copy back.
  3. After receiving the copy, the same shall be donated to another person.

This will form a chain and more and more people will read the book. Also invite people to keep this book along with other religious texts. Religious texts are for spiritual growth, so this book is for material and physical growth.